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Just call me james, for short... (i don't really like exposing my whole first name...) Age: 17 y/o Country: Philippines Favorite Hobby: Chess, Reading Manga, etc.

A 1st yr. Computer Science student... have an online elo of 1668(highest) @ ... a simple person who plays anything, but not limited to, chess,badminton,online and offline games etc. but mostly, chess :) ... my current rating online ( is 1580+... im play classic (untimed) and blitz, but not bullet... coz im move slowly :) .. im also play chess960 (win once) .. im seldom play w/ friends just for fun... i wish that i've become at least IM, but i hope to be a GM someday :)

UPDATE: 11/9/09

RATING: General:1500+ ELO (-50) Tourney: 1660+ ELO (+1660) USERNAME: jamesmmix im currently playing @ chesscube... getting use to blitz...i can now play 2min game w/out a problem :)

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#1492 james4short vs. zgreat 38 moves 9 years, 1 month (james4short to move) created 10 years, 6 months
#1508 james4short vs. lilspikey 26 moves 9 years, 4 months (james4short to move) created 10 years, 6 months
#1582 beancountereric vs. james4short 39 moves 9 years, 3 months (james4short to move) created 10 years, 4 months

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