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Using OpenID with Chrss

Chrss supports OpenID for logins and signups - allowing you to play chess online without needing to specify yet another password.

Existing users can associate an OpenID with their their user account by first logging in and then visiting /openid. The link to this page can be found via your profile page, when you choose to edit your profile. This page can also be used to delete OpenIDs (if more than one is specified).

New users can login with their OpenID and will then be prompted to make a user account (by providing a user name and email address).

Currently OpenID support for Chrss is known to work with OpenIDs provided by:

Other OpenID providers should work too, but have not been tested.


For several common OpenID providers you can use the drop-down to (e.g. yahoo, google etc) to save having to type in your OpenID URL.

updated: June 21, 2011, 9:36 a.m.

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