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How do I make moves in chrss?

Normally to make a move in chrss:

There are a few moves and actions you can make though that are a little bit different.

Promoting Pawns

This works in a similar fashion to a normal move, but there is an extra step where you can select which piece you want to promote the pawn to. This only happens when you are in a position to promote a pawn.


When you have the option to castle clicking on the king will show a move that moves the king by two squares. If you click to make that move you will see the king and rook "swap" and can then confirm the move if you want to perform the castling.


To resign a game press the "resign" button when it is your turn. This counts as a move and so must be done on your turn.

Offering a draw

When it's your turn you can offer a draw at the same time as making a move. To do so tick the "and offer draw" checkbox when you confirm your move. Your opponent will then see an "accept draw" button when they login to see the game.

Accepting a draw

If your opponent offers a draw you will see a button labelled "accept draw". Pressing this button will accept the draw and end the game. If you don't want to accept the draw simply make another move and the offer of a draw will be withdrawn.

updated: Feb. 22, 2008, 9:38 a.m.

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