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Internet Chess Table

I have just seen an interesting way to play chess over the internet, via the Make blog:

I know plenty of people like to use a real board when playing online chess, so this looks great.

In other news - I've been slowly working on a site refresh/rewrite of chrss. I've been moving the site from Turbogears to Django. It's about 90% there, but there's always that "second" 90% to worry about.

I'm moving to Django, as I am actually now much more familiar with it than with Turbogears. So I'm hoping once I've finished the move it will be easier for me to add new features and generally tweak things.

I reckon I need a couple of weeks of evenings and a spare weekend to finish it all off, but I'm up against the deadline of impending fatherhood. So there may be a little pause before I finish it all off. The baby is due in about a week, so I guess we'll just to see how it goes!

updated: July 12, 2010, 9:44 a.m.

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